The Light Horse Name

During World War II, the Calcutta Light Horse, a unit of middle-aged businessmen and retired soldiers, volunteered for a dangerous secret mission: to silence a German radio transmitter in the Indian Ocean that was feeding vital information about Allied ships to German submarines. During the first weeks of March 1941, U-boats were credited with sinking twelve Allied ships. Regular British forces could not take action against the culprits because the transmitter was situated in the neutral port of Goa. The Light Horse unit carried out the dangerous assignment of silencing the transmitter while posing as civilians on a fishing expedition. Ultimately, eighteen seemingly drunken old men boarded and destroyed three German ships, ending the deadly radio transmissions.

Their heroic quest has been memorialized in James Leasor’s book, “Boarding Party”, and the 1980 film, “The Sea Wolves”, starring Gregory Peck and Roger Moore.

Like our historic predecessors, today’s Light Horse team has undertaken a task that has been overlooked until today – offering institutions direct access to listed and Centrally Counterparty (CCP) cleared Peer-to-Peer solutions.