Why Light Horse Market Solutions

As an agency broker-dealer, Light Horse MS’ actions and interests are perfectly aligned with those of its customers. Light Horse MS does not maintain firm positions that may adversely influence customer service. Instead of relying on a single financial institution’s balance sheet, Light Horse MS accesses a multitude of banks and non-traditional financial institution to provide its customers with the best possible market pricing.

In addition to providing access and execution services, Light Horse MS prides itself in providing extensive education to its customers regarding Peer-to-Peer market solutions. As a market specialist and pioneer, Light Horse MS advises customers on the steps required to successfully implement trading in listed and/or Central Counterparty (CCP) cleared products. Frequent topics of education include strategy, operations, administrative, compliance and tax matters.

Light Horse MS believes that trust and professional excellence are the necessary ingredients in building a successful and durable relationship with our customers. They rely on us for day-to-day price discovery and idea generation as well as providing strategic initiatives to help improve portfolio performance, funding and capital efficiency.