About Us

The Light Horse Market Solutions (Light Horse MS) team has been providing Peer-to-Peer solutions to the institutional investment community since 2009.  Exchange listed and/or Central Counterparty (CCP) cleared products allow firms to cross their natural interests in a centralized market and make the most of their varying organizational strengths and weaknesses without concerns for counterparty creditworthiness.  The open market architecture of these markets brings increased competition to all participants resulting in mutually beneficial pricing efficiency. Light Horse MS provides its customers with market access and tailored strategies to capture the opportunities available in the Peer-to-Peer markets.  The firm offers institutional money managers equity position financingsynthetic term lending and borrowing, CCP cleared stock loan services and various cash management activities.  Light Horse MS also provides the international banking community equity and U.S. Treasury funding strategies may reduce regulatory capital and leverage costs. In addition to Peer-to-Peer solutions, Light Horse MS has also developed a proprietary Single Stock Futures (SSF) liquidity enhancement platform, the SSF Jobber. This process allows Commodity Trading Advisors (CTAs) and Managed Futures funds to enhance outright futures bids and offers by accessing the liquidity from the underlying equity market.


Light Horse Market Solutions — Member of FINRA and SIPC