Getting Started

Most traditional prime brokers and dealers are members of the OCC and should be able to facilitate the clearing and settlement of Single Stock Futures (SSF). For clients whose clearing agents do not clear SSFs, Light Horse MS can recommend reputable clearing partners. Single Stock Futures can be settled in either an equity margin account or a traditional futures account, although some prime brokers or custodians may only offer one alternative.

Once clearing access has been established, the customer opens an account with Light Horse MS allowing us to act as the customer’s Single Stock Futures execution agent. The documentation required to open an account is limited to industry standard Know-Your-Customer (KYC) certifications and a list of the customer’s authorized traders. Once the account has been established, Light Horse MS facilitates connectivity to the customer’s futures and equity clearers to ensure the seamless delivery of the equity and futures legs of each transaction.

Once the setup process has been completed, Light Horse MS’s sales staff will provide clients with guidance regarding general equity financing strategies and regular updates on specific revenue generating opportunities.